What is the ideal usage for a Firefly?

"I’m a big fan of dry herb vaporizers, as I think the high is far cleaner than that of combusting cannabis. I have experience with a few different portable dry herb units, and have found that they all have different strengths (i.e: the DaVinci Ascent is a great unit for large groups of people due to it’s bowl size.) When deciding to add a Firefly 2 to my collection, what should I expect it to excel most at? Is it more of a personal use vape, a session vape, or something else entirely? Thanks!"

Great question! My favorite use of the Firefly is to vape either by myself or with one or two other people. The Firefly excels at creating very flavorful vapor – so it’s great when you are in the mindset to sit and enjoy the experience.

One bonus of the dynamic convection heating is that your material stops heating when you let go of the touch sensors. This means you can take one or two hits off the Firefly, put it down for a while, and finish your session later.

While you can definitely use the Firefly in larger groups, I prefer to choose a few people to join me who will truly appreciate the quality of the experience. I hope this helps!


In my opinion, the best way to use the FF2 is to play with the FF2 :)) Since there are many ways to get its full "guts"! It’s mainly a vape that you sip and let on the side while you appreciate the taste, amazing that is. There are still some personal tricks to find to fit your usage and your goals. You have to somehow deserve the FF2’s full capacity of vapor production. But what is cool with the FF2 is that you can adapt your pace or what you’re looking for: session, one-hitter…You’re not trapped in an single way of vaping!
FYI the bowl is not that big so you can’t be "over-medicated", unless you want to!
It’s a nice portable vape that I personally use to manage my medication: "need more", "just a sip and I’ll be good" that kind of use…really that type of "à la carte" use.
My advice would be just to play around with it, you see it’ll be fun and you’ll be able to really find your sweet spot after a little while! Then sky won’t be a limit anymore :))
Hope this helps, take care!


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