Are these medical gummies available in New York?

Baked Bros products are currently only available in Arizona.

Furthermore, (at least as of January 16, 2016), only THC oil extracts may be purchased for medicinal use in the state of New York. These oils may be vaporized, taken in pill form, or absorbed under the tongue. Allowing the purchase of oil concentrates for medicinal use while disallowing sales of flowers or edibles is a very unusual policy.

It appears as though the legislature has an extremely strict medical marijuana program, fearing that citizens will be seeking to "get high," rather than use the drug as a medicine. This is ironic, because oils tend to be far more concentrated, and potent, than flowers. They have clearly stated that they don’t want anyone smoking marijuana; apparently, they are unaware that flowers can also be vaporized. It is unclear why they disallow edibles, since edibles often contain the same extracted oil that they allow in other formulations. I guess they don’t want medicine to taste good or be easy to ingest.


There are other medical companies that will provide edibles and concentrates to NY patients. https://www.yourcannabisqueen.com. Hopefully, that helps.


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