What is the maximum daily dosage of CBD oil drops for adults ?

"I have been a client of yours for a approximately 3 weeks and have been taking CBD oil by mouth in dosage of 500 twice a day for the last 2 weeks. Results have been somewhat satisfactory, however my pain level is at the point where is not getting any better. My question is can I increase the amount of CBD I am now taking ? If i can, what is the maximum amount that I can increase it to without creating unwanted side effects ?
My condition is spinal stenosis.
Please advise. "

I would suggest ramping up to 600mg for starters, in the evening at home. May I ask which strain of CBD you are medicating with? Can you tolerate THC at all?


I encourage you to wait till you have been on the high dose CBD for 3 weeks before you increase your dose. I have found that the high-dose CBD takes three to four weeks before people can feel it but it is working getting rid of the inflammatory cells. Since it does seem that 500 mg twice today is a high-dose already you may be missing something else such as vitamin D3. Are you taking calcium? If you are taking calcium please stop immediately because that can make you much worse. Concentrated calcium calcify’s your arteries, your heart valves, your muscles and ligaments and will give you spastic, cramping pain. You must make sure your blood level a vitamin D is above 55 ng/ML to get you out of pain but your kidney level of vitamin D, which is actually the active form of vitamin D in your body, must be monitored be certain your kidneys are not being overloaded. Please take magnesium at bedtime (my favorite is VegLife triple vegan magnesium) because that will help your muscles relax but it will tend to give you a loose stool in the morning. In addition please use the topical CBD salve for additional pain relief. Be persistent common This is about to turn around and you should start to show improvement.


Microdosing of THC, 1-2 mg a day, may help as well. At this amount, coupled with your CBD level of consumption, you should not feel any of the typical high people associate with consuming THC. Of course, everyone responds differently so be careful. We have a THCa product that has helped with a number of patients and is a whole plant, raw, cold pressed product.


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