What’s your favorite HELLOMD product and why?


Hi there!
I can’t say there is any one product that is best. However, I recommend the products offered by Care By Design: I like that they use the whole plant when making their products (rather than isolating only THC and CBD); offer a variety of ratios; offer all routes of administration (other than combustion); clearly label their products in milligrams of THC and CBD per dose; and are relatively easy to find.
I hope this helps!


Hi there!

My favorite product from the Cannabis menu is Venice Cookie Company Savory Pretzels! I am a lover of salty snacks and the pretzels are discrete and easy to manage how much you consume. The only problem is you can hardly taste any cannabis so it’s a good idea to mix in some non-medicated pretzels so you don’t get carried away!

My favorite product from the Hemp CBD menu is Verte Essentials Esprit de Rose spray. It’s a nice topical that is made with rose extract and great for hydrating the skin. It can be applied topically, but it’s also safe for consumption so you can add it to your favorite beverage.

Although these two products are complete opposites, there’s lots of Cannabis and Hemp CBD products available, so I would recommend trying something that interests you in the hopes that it will help you out!

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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