What type of cannabis can help alleviate the pain from herniated discs and arthritis?

"I don’t want to take narcotics."

As we get older, most of us really love life and want to actively participate rather than being stoned on the sidelines either from narcotics or from to much THC. CBD or Cannabidiol is not psychoactive but does stop pain, muscle spasm and the inflammation of herniated discs and arthritis so I do think you would be happy with CBDs. The next issue is how to administer the medication so this will take some experimenting and a bit more education. We have a great video on line about vaporizing your medication. Vaporizing is more like using an asthmatic inhaler rather than smoking since vaporizing only administers the medication but no harmful particulate matter and the medication is in your blood in 1-2 minutes and in effect typically within 10 minutes for quick relief.
I also recommend a topical 2:1, CBD: THC salve used frequently along the spine to stop the pain and inflammation. The more frequent you use the salve the longer the pain relief lasts.
I also suspect both mom and dad are vitamin D deficient, so please be certain to have their vitamin D blood level checked and start supplementation with vitamin D3 iIn order to maintain a blood level between 55 ng/ML-95 ng/ML for optimal pain relief.
Since many adults are put on the pharmaceutical drugs for symptoms you want to be sure to check a drug to drug interaction screen through drugs.com. If they take CBD and vitamin D their health will likely improve significantly and their medications may need to be adjusted down so please be certain to follow through with a primary care physician.
Even though we get old we can be healthy! The body knows how to heal itself when it is given the right substances.


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