What type of cannabis to aid in panic attacks and anxiety?

"I want to stop using Xanax. "

I personally use cannabis for the very same reasons. A major turning point in my realization that cannabis can be a very powerful medical tool was my discovery of Kurvana’s Banana Smoothie vape cartridge. I’ve been using it almost daily for a couple months now and have noticed a remarkable difference in my overall anxiety levels. Banana Smoothie has both CBD and THC so for me it seems to provide the general mood boost of THC while the CBD regulates the head high so it doesn’t interfere so much with cognitive abilities. It’s a very clear-headed functional effect that quells my anxiety and allows me to process things more calmly throughout the day.

I would recommend trying higher CBD products in general for anxiety. Personally I like the effects of a roughly balanced CBD to THC ratio, but if THC effects are not your thing you may still find relief with products that primarily contain CBD with little to no THC.

Hope you find something that works for you!


For anxiety I have heard that anything >14:1 CBD:THC ratio is best. Also, I know people who treat anxiety with Cannabis by micro-dosing. A micro-dose product Ive tried are 5mg THC mints. I recommend starting with 1 and then adding more every 15-30 minutes until the desired sensation of calm is achieved. Few products are designed with micro-dosing in mind, and high THC levels can actually trigger anxiety.


For starters, you are going to want to go with Indica or CBD strains and stay away from Sativa strains especially if you are a first time user. Sativa strains give you a "head high" that can backfire by giving the recipient anxiety. The Indica strains will give you a body calming affect, while CBD will give you the medical benefits of THC without the psychoactive qualities.


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