What type of marijuana oil or tincture can you recommend for chronic migraines?

"And are their any contraindications with CBD’s and antidepressants( celexa)"

I suffer with migraines also so I feel I can speak to this issue with a medical educational background as well as personal experience.
You must avoid the free glutamates and other foods that cause migraines so please, search migraines in our chat room and a lot of information will come up for you. Consider visiting www.truthinlabeling.org for more information.
Please view: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4SD5f2toQ
Now on to cannabis: try Jack Herer, it is a Sativa but tends to be mild and can wipe out a migraine in about 10 minutes with a couple puffs off a vape pen. The other effective medication is ACDC in a vape pen but since it is a high CBD, it must be vaporized at lower temperature so you must have an adjustable vape pen or you destroy the benefits of the CBD.
I find that taking CBD regularly as a tincture helps me greatly in both frequency and severity of the migraines but avoidance of the triggers is the real way to prevent migraines.
You must also stay hydrated and use the cannabis salve, I like the 2:1, CBD: THC, on the back of your neck to stop the muscle spasms so the migraine can resolve.
There are some interesting findings that suggests CBD does protect your brain from the chemicals that cause the migraines but of course more studies need to be done.


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