What type of tincture would be best for chronic nerve pain

"Pain arose denovo – no trauma . Neurologists have done nerve conduction and determined a L5 S1 S2 S3 neuropathy. Have been battling moderate to severe pain for 51/2 years in back of thighs, lower glutes perineum and left heel. It is very hard to sit. Am on a huge dose of gabapentin that keeps my pain to a 4 /5 on the pain scale. Opiates don’t help. There may be some connection to my receiving a shingles vaccine . This is all I have left to try. please help. Age 63. Thank you !"

Hey there,
So sorry to hear about all your pain and nerve issues? Have you considered trying CBD rich cannabis products? KIVA offers a wonderful balance of both THC/CBD that should help with some relief from pain and inflammation.


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