Which product should I use to control hot flashes and night sweats?

It’s unlikely that cannabis would affect the hot flashes and night sweats directly. However, cannabis should help you sleep through the discomfort; alleviate anxiety, depression and prevent mood swings; and even prevent bone loss.
Hot flashes tend to be most intense during perimenopause; this is actually due to too much estrogen in relation to progesterone levels (estrogen dominance). If your hot flashes and night sweats are unbearable, you might want to consider asking your doctor about progesterone replacement therapy — 300mg of oral micronized progesterone at bedtime usually does the trick.
For a better night’s sleep:


Hello! I agree with Dr. Kim’s answer, and I also have a few patients who have had success with a tincture of 20:1 CBD to help with perimenopausal symptoms including hot flashes.


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