How do I find a reputable doctor in Illinois to speak with about the medical marijuana program?

"I live in Illinois, and I have been taking 60 mg of oxycodone every 4 hours for the past 6 years to handle 4 dibilitating pain issues all of which are inoperable. My regular doctor has been handling my pain medication because I have not been able to find a specialist who’s wanted to deal with my medication. My regular doctor is going to be retiring shortly. He has suggested the medical marijuana program, but he doesn’t know how to deal with that. If I have 15 to 20 years worth of valid medical records showing my conditions, and all four of my issues are listed as being issues that make me eligible for the medical marijuana program in Illinois, how do I find a doctor who will help me sign up for the program, and without looking like I am doctor searching? is there a list somewhere that says what doctors will help you sign up for the program? Everyone I’ve talked to, thinks that going the medical marijuana route is considerably better then taking the oxycodone I have been taking. I don’t want to deal with the oxycodone anymore specifically due to the stigma related to it, but I don’t know how to find a doctor to help me sign up for the medical marijuana program here in Illinois. If anyone can help steer me to a qualified doctor or has any information on how I can find a qualified doctor to help me sign up for the medical marijuana program, and assist me in then hopefully eliminating the oxycodone, I would very much appreciate it! Thank you!"

I assume your own docs are either unwilling to certify you have a legally qualifying condition for your application, or the hospital system to which they belong doesn’t let its physicians do so. Google "medical marijuana dispensary near me" and contact one of those coming up in the search results. They can suggest the names of physicians who are willing to assist you–BUT you still have to prove you have a qualifying condition. These doctors charge reasonable non-trivial fees, but no insurer will cover them (nor the state application/issuance fees nor the products once you’re approved). Bear in mind you must register with ONE dispensary and can use ONLY that one–if traveling elsewhere in IL, you can’t use that town’s dispensary. And your card is useless in any other state. It’s good only in your home state. Also, weed bought legally in a recreational-weed state cannot be brought across state lines even if you hold a valid permit. Good luck!


Meanwhile, have you tried hemp-derived CBD oil or tinctures? They are legal in IL and can be bought from vape shops, health food stores, or from some sympathetic doctors–with no need for a permit. If you don’t want to get high, it’s a good alternative. Go to a highly-rated shop (Yelp is good for that) with a knowldegeable staff. CBD has been shown to be useful in helping with opioid withdrawal, increasing your pain threshhold, and when combined with over-the-counter painkillers, as or nearly as effective for pain relief.

I can understand your doctor’s reluctance–the paperwork is a minefield, especially for old-school docs. As I said in my other post, the best way to get recommendations for docs who can help you apply is to contact your local dispensary via phone or e-mail. That’s how I found the doc handling my application.


Thanks for sharing your history. I agree that medical marijuana might be a useful treatment modality for your chronic pain as well as a possible means to decrease your chronic opiate usage. Here are two websites that I think may help you out. The first is a link to the IL state website for the MCPP (medical cannabis pilot program): https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/mcpp/Pages/default.aspx The 2nd link is to find medical marijuana physicians in IL: https://www.marijuanadoctors.com/medical-marijuana/il/
I hope that these help out!


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