Which type of vaping causes the least coughing/throat irritation – more or less vapor?

"I feel like the VapeExhale is th smoothest intake I’ve ever had. It’s so much better for my throat. But still I tend to be a cougher… so I want to know what settings would be better for my throat on the VapeExhale? What would minimize the coughing? Is more or less vapor better?"

Sounds like you may be oversaturated with your cannabis and you may be needing a cannabis holiday since coughing is often the sign you have not taken a break in a while. Ideally, the vaping is done with small inhalations and that’s why you normally feel it in your throat more. After you take a cannabis holiday, you may need up to one week to clean out your receptor sites, come back to vaping small inhalations more frequently and don’t hold your breath, it’s not necessary. You could experience some withdrawal symptoms when you take a break from your cannabis.


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