Which vaporizer would be best to help with migraines?

Patients have primarily reported using either our Balance or Balance+ vaporizers for migraines, as well as for muscle pain, stress relief and increasing appetite.


As someone who suffers from migraines myself and has years of vaporize experience, I find that a convection device with a low draw resistance is best.

Convection is best because it allows you to take 1 draw at a time as needed rather than a conduction device that heats all your herbs and requires a full chamber to be finished all at once.

Low draw resistance is important as not to strain an already sensitive and sore part of the body. The harder you have to suck on the device to achieve vapor, the more pressure you will build in your head.

A device like the Grasshopper Vaporizer, sold by Hopper Labs is a great option that offers both pure convection and low draw resistance. It is also an incredibly low maintenance device. For more information, visit ghvape.com.


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