Why do I have to pay tax at a dispensary with my medical card?

If we, the general public, if we do not speak out in mass about how we feel, the government, us, creates the rules and the taxes to cover watching over us and prosecuting the rule breakers and that is the way it will be until enough people decide to change the rules and stop prosecuting people for breaking the new made up rules. After all, in a court of law if you do not agree with the law you are not obligated to find the person who broke the law, guilty as charged. We have the power to change things but most people do not want to be involved, never register or show up to vote and only talk about being unhappy but they will never act out on their disgruntled in order to change things. Please register to vote, If you’re called to jury duty take that as a privilege and let’s all be politically active like the Parkland students and begin joining together to change things. Paying 45% tax on Cannabis is outrageous but at this time it is the law depending on your county.


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