Why does THC negatively effect me? It does not matter the strain or whether it is sativa, indica, or hybrid.

"Is there any science or research as to why some people feel euphoria and become engaged and relaxed after smoking THC and others like me have never had a positive/euphoric experience? I use THC in tiny amounts to manage pain in conjunction with CBD, but I have never been able to smoke a joint and feel good. I either am couch locked, anxious, or so zoned out I can not focus at all. Could it be that I have more cannabanoids or my CB1 and CB2 receptors work more or less than other people’s? Is it related to anandamide? "


This is a great question and its a topic that we are becoming more educated on as cannabis professionals. I have to first say that I am not a doctor but I am a cannabis user and operate a delivery service and that does it’s best to stay read on new research on the nuances of cannabis effects.

I have a couple follow up questions for you:

  1. I understand that smoking has not been a positive experience, are there other ways of consumption that has yielded positive effects?

  2. If the answer is yes, what are they? (Edible, tincture, topical… )

Here are a few things I have found about the range of effects of cannabis as well as a few tips I give our members in choosing their medicine and method of use that might help and add some perspective:

-Research is finding that while THC and CBD are some the most widely known cannabinoids, CBN is also an active cannabinoid that contributes to sleepiness.

-Terpenes – Essential oils produced in all plants, and is what provides the aromatic experience is one of the greatest variable in the effects that strain.

The best thing that I have found for myself as a cannabis user is to listen to my body. Some people do not like the smoking experience, the direct hit of THC to the blood stream from the lungs can be shocking to some peoples systems. Other people don’t need to consume it at all and there body responds better to topical.

Hope this helps some, there is still more research that needs to be done.


Have you ever smoked a high CBD flower before? My brother is so sensitive to THC that he can only tolerate smoking high CBD low thx flower so that the CBD helps take the edge off of the thc. I’m not sure if there is a biological reason behind his intolerance or if he’s just too nervous about it. Cannabis seems to amplify what we already feel. I’ve noticed that nervous smokers generally stay nervous, while people that are comfortable with their environment and cannabis in general are more inclined to have more favorable effects.


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