Will 'medical marijuana' go away in California if Prop 64 passes?

"I am concerned that everything is going to be focussed on recreational use from now on, and I am not a recreational user."

The medicinal qualities of cannabis will remain the same, and the conditions that the cannabinoids and terpenes in each strain address are still relevant.

If you learn the strains (and even more specifically, the cannabinoid ratios) that work for you, the impact of recreational use being legalized might just be limited to the increase in price, due to tax.

In any case, you have until January 2018 to learn what works for you. If you’d like to take a free evaluation, go here for a strain recommendation:


Nick DeJesus

Medical Marijuana will not go away. However, the industry itself will surely endure some changes. It also depends on what you mean by "medical marijuana". If you mean high quality strains that work on various ailments, the answer is no. Doctors will still be available and companies such as ours will always be committed to providing herbal medicine rather than just recreational.


While prop. 64 keeps the concept of medical marijuana, the proposition adds a new 15% sales tax to marijuana, plus a $9.25/oz. tax on cannabis flower products. For $100/yr., prop. 64 allows people to register with the state and get a new medical marijuana card that exempts then from the 15% tax, but the other tax still will apply. Pro. 64 also allows counties and cities to levy their own marijuana taxes, and those governments don’t have to exempt medical users from taxation.


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