Will you be making an unscented extra strength jar of your topical cream?

"I’ve used all three of your topicals and love the relief it has provided for my lower back pain and sciatica issues. However, I believe I have had a reaction to the essentials oils used in the scented product. I will continue to purchase the unscented regular strength, but was hoping for an unscented extra strength product. Thanks so much for the Sweet Releaf topical creams. It is an awesome product. "

Thank you for asking this question. You are not the first to ask about an unscented extra strength, so we are making note of the interest and will very likely create an unscented extra strength by the first of the New Year. I realize you want the additional strength to address a much deeper pain issue and if you are sensitive to essential oils, you should probably avoid products that contain them. Please check out our website in January for an updated list of available types/sizes of Sweet Releaf.


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