Willis / Ekbom Disease

"If I am "lucky" I manage to sleep 2 or 3 hours a night; at times I sleep one night in three. Willis / Ekbom Disease presented when I was about 6 years old, and the symptoms have progressed to the point where I must move my legs constantly every time I lay down, and if I stop the sensations are so utterly torturous that I cannot keep my legs and feet at rest for more than a few seconds. In the past I have found that only an opioid helps me sleep, but I wish to avoid that route— it’s far too dangerous to grow dependent on an opioid to sleep.

Is there any evidence that cannabis can help ease my suffering? At times I have contemplated killing myself because the lack of sleep, and the hellish torture of always having to move my feet and legs, becomes far greater than I can endure."

Yes cannabis can give you relief from your symptoms and help you achieve a good nights rest. I have spoken with many patients who have used cannabis to successfully treat restless leg syndrome (Willis/Ekbom Disease) and the insomnia that it causes. Often these patients have been suffering for many years and have tried a variety of medicines and therapies. I would reccomend an indica dominant strain, either vaporized or as a sublingual tincture. You may also want to find a strain high in CBN, which is quite sedating. Experiment with different strains and methods of consumption. Topicals massaged directly onto your legs might also provide relief.


Since I have studied nutrition for 45 years, It’s really important to understand that restless leg syndrome maybe a sign that your homocysteine is too high. In some people a high homocysteine is anything over eight if you have a predisposition to heart disease or cancer and that is revealed in your genetic chart but your doctor can also do a test for MTHFR (methyltetrahydrofolatereductase). If you are either heterozygous or homozygous for MTHFR, it would be wise to greatly increase your CBD cannabis intake and add methylated B vitamins, morning and evening since this would likely take care of your restless legs syndrome. Your body can’t call you on the telephone and say,"We need more B vitamins to detoxify the body" but it can give you restless leg syndrome until somebody recognizes that it is a toxicity that needs to be addressed. You may need more assimilated zinc and eating sprouted, organic quinoa could help greatly as well as additional vitamin B6 (P5P). Good luck, since this is a problem that shouldn’t be covered up but you may need a functional medicine doctor to help you resolve the problem completely well still being able to enjoy your cannabis because cannabis does provide extra methyl groups that helps your body detoxify.


Hi there. I too have RLS I use a 500 mg of HEMP OIL RSHO dose, before retiring. No restless leg syndrome occurs…Has got me off Valium pills to dose off..Tiger Lily…9-28-16


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