What is California Sober?

Welcome to the new era of ‘California Sober’, and it’s not entirely sober, but it’s gaining in popularity with the younger generation. I’ll give you a hint – Gen Z and Millennials are trading alcoholic cocktails and cocaine for mocktails, canna-beverages, and consciousness-expanding psychedelics.

Some people claim that this is the new ‘healthy’ lifestyle that includes mood-altering substances but without the dire health consequences of alcohol.

So what exactly is California sober, and where did this all begin?

Let’s break it down and discuss why this movement isn’t just a trend but the future of cannabis consumption and modern ‘sobriety’ in America.

What is ‘California Sober’?

The term California sober is much more ambiguous than any official medical term related to sobriety. Generally, being Cali sober means you are giving up all drugs and alcohol and instead only use cannabis, and possibly psychedelics, in moderation. A California sober person will avoid harder drugs, like opioids and alcohol.

Some Cali sober people may choose to use additional mind-altering substances such as LSD while others will only consume marijuana. But the fact is, being California sober means something different to everyone involved.

While celebrities and everyday folk are moving toward a California sober way of life, there are some important distinctions to keep in mind before following suit.

  • California sober is not a recommended alternative for those with drug and alcohol addictions.
  • Some people may exclusively use cannabis, while others may include psychedelics.
  • Being California Sober doesn’t necessarily mean you’re quitting drinking forever, it can just mean a cutback in regular consumption.

Regardless of your end goal, making a move to California sober has proved to have a positive impact on the lives of many. The term has now been identified as an aspirational lifestyle and is increasingly popular.

Why Cannabis Use is Growing

Cannabis is losing its stigma and is quickly becoming mainstream. As new products and research are available, new consumers are flocking to marijuana and throwing away the stoner stereotype.

The reality is that cannabis can help with many health conditions, but it’s proving especially useful for those seeking an elevated mindset without the hangover, liver damage, or possibility of overdose. Cannabis beverage by companies like CANN are giving consumers new low dose alternatives for drinking THC and CBD, and people are loving it.

Nowadays, you can curate strains and products to fit your unique, specified needs. You can look at the massive increase in cannabis beverage sales over the past year and see demand is rapidly growing for alcohol alternatives.

With new studies related to endocannabinoids, trichomes, terpenes, and more — we’re unlocking a new world of diversity for modern cannabis consumers.

So not only is it easier to access cannabis, it’s easier (and more exciting) to intertwine it into your daily life. You can seamlessly ditch the alcohol and switch to cannabis without anyone noticing — or caring!

COVID Increased Alcohol Consumption

The pandemic rocked our daily lives, causing us to stay locked indoors for extended periods of time. It also boosted alcohol consumption to an unhealthy level.

A study published in Hepatology found that binge drinking among Americans increased by 21% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, this sustained level of drinking can result in a 19 to 35 percent increase in mortality if continued.

As the pandemic wanes, we’re now seeing people return to their normal lives. But many are now looking for ways to slow down or cut out their pandemic-level alcohol intake without going stone-cold sober.

Those looking for an alternative to a glass of wine (or three) can rejoice at the opportunity modern marijuana offers. Cannabis can ease the transition off alcohol for those who have grown used to drinking excessively.

What’s Next for the California Sober Trend?

The timing of the California Sober craze appears to be perfect, but where is it headed? We’ve already touched on the popularity of cannabis beverages, but according to NielsenIQ, sales of non-alcoholic drinks rose 33.2% in 2021 as well.

People understand that alcohol is at the core of socialization in our modern world, but the abundance of technology and a marketplace filled with new alcohol alternatives is helping us reshape what ‘sobriety’ really means.

Whether we call it California sober or a “healthier social life,” this trend is one we can all get behind. It’s a momentous shift toward cleaner living and longevity.

And the best part is that cannabis is at the center of it all.

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