Would you recommend this product for arthritis pain or migraines ?

I have used many topicals and sweet releaf is consistently one of my favorites! From my observations they also have the strongest formula for the price. I always keep one at my desk for wrist pain and find it very effective at reducing my pain and swelling if things flare up. I would highly recommend sweet releaf for your wrist pain.

Un/fortunately, I do not suffer from migraines so I cannot comment on that.


Absolutely! Arthritis is a common ailment that many patients use Sweet ReLeaf for. We have also had some feedback regarding migraines. Our topical can alleviate migraine pain by rubbing into temples and other key spots on head and neck.

Here’s a testimonial from one of our patients:

"I apply Sweet ReLeaf to my neck as soon as I feel tension building up that I know will lead to a migraine. It relaxes my neck and shoulder muscles helping me to avoid a migraine. I love Sweet ReLeaf for arthritis and stiffness. I also use it before biking or hiking. And it also worked great on the itching from poison oak. Several of my friends have also tried Sweet Relief and everyone loves this product."


Most definitely would recommend it for arthritis pain & here’s a tip to help it penetrate deeper: apply it to joints after a bath or shower when your pores are open. I also suggest applying it in the morning to loosen up the stiffness and again later in the day if the pain comes back. Massaging the stiff or sore area also seems to help increase flexibility, especially with wrists or fingers which you can stretch out and bend a bit more once the topical effects loosen up the joints.


YES I just can’t get it as need which almost 24/7.i suffer from three form of arthritis and don’t want to use pain killers anymore after 8 yrs.i stop cold turkey because the right cannabis HELP me how can I get it HELP.


Does it have a marijuana smell? I work in an office environment & cannot be smelling like marijuana. But would love to try this on my neck.


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