9 Pound Hammer

14–23% THC

With a delightfully sweet berry aroma and fast-acting knockout physical effects, 9 Pound Hammer is a favorite among medical marijuana patients who use this cannabis strain to ease pain, relieve headaches and get a good night’s sleep.

Initially bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, this variety is a cross between three marijuana strains: Gooberry, Jack the Ripper and Hell’s OG. Known for fast-acting, heavy-hitting effects, 9 Pound Hammer may leave inexperienced cannabis consumers reeling—almost as if they’ve been hit in the head by a hammer.

Clocking in at a maximum of 23% THC, this one boasts resinous buds that can have purple hues, depending on the growing environment. You can expect an earthy, berry aroma and flavor from this cannabis strain as well as hints of citrus that are especially apparent as an aftertaste.

9 Pound Hammer is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s best used after a long day or as a weekend treat. Folks can expect uplifting, euphoric effects immediately upon consuming—don’t be surprised if sounds and colors take on a new vibrancy. Indeed, 9 Pound Hammer is a great way to develop new perspectives on things without ever having to leave your couch.

These cerebral qualities are then followed by an intense physical relaxation that’s ideal for soothing aching muscles that have been busily working all day.

Its heavy-hitting physical effects make it a hit among medical marijuana patients looking for relief from all types of aches and pains. This cannabis strain’s sedative qualities can also help those with insomnia get much-needed rest, and its ability to boost mood means that it can be a good fit for folks battling anxiety, stress or depression.

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