The Best Strains for Productivity and Efficiency

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If you’re curious as to whether cannabis can help to provide focus and a boost of motivation, these are the strains to try. Keep reading for four cannabis strains for productivity and efficiency.

From time to time, everyone struggles with the ability to be productive. Between the demands of work, family and daily life, it can sometimes feel like our to-do list is endless—and this can cause a lot of stress. While people have turned to cannabis to alleviate stress, many folks avoid marijuana for fear of becoming spacey and distracted.

Driven by anti-marijuana propaganda, the stereotype of the lazy stoner is one cannabis experts work hard to correct. As cannabis use increased during the 1960s in America, some reports suggested that chronic cannabis consumers may suffer from cannabis amotivational syndrome: a condition where consumers lack the ability to concentrate or perform cognitive tasks.

But in 1992, pharmacologists concluded that these reports failed to provide strong evidence that amotivational syndrome is a direct result of marijuana use. Since then, research as it relates to motivation and marijuana use has been limited.

That said, many cannabis practitioners hold fast to the idea that cannabis consumption may actually improve cognitive function. It can help to relax the body, so if you’re tense, nervous or anxious, you’ll be able to better concentrate on the task at hand. There’s also relief from extraneous distractions, so focus is centralized to specific assignments.

With this in mind, read on for a handful of cannabis strains that have been known to help with productivity and efficiency.

Strains for Productivity and Efficiency

Space Queen

Space Queen cannabis strain

Space Queen is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is known to help many people feel productive without any jitteriness. Anecdotally, Space Queen provides motivation by making everything more interesting; it can make boring or tedious tasks more fun.

Word to the wise: If you’re someone who’s new to cannabis and struggles with overthinking, Space Queen could get you into a thought-loop, which can make the experience less enjoyable. Overall, Space Queen is a great choice for mundane tasks like cleaning the house.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel cannabis strain

Sour Diesel is really energizing and uplifting. If you’re feeling super lazy, it has the reputation of being able to get you up and moving. It comes with a buzz of enthusiasm that can help you to get through your to-do list. If you’re new to Sour Diesel, take it slow because it can be a very cerebral high. 

GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies)

GSC cannabis strain

Even though it’s an indica-dominant hybrid strain, many people report that GSC helps their bodies to feel relaxed while their minds are stimulated. Another bonus—it doesn’t usually cause couch-lock when the high abates; users says they could take more GSC and keep going about their business. It is a high-THC strain, though, so be mindful and go slow.

Green Crack

Green Crack cannabis strain

If you’re looking for an instant energy boost, you may find Green Crack effective. This cannabis strain is said to impart a mental clarity appropriate for tackling myriad tasks. It provides a clear, invigorating high that’s suitable for mundane to-dos like cleaning the house or even more complicated ones, like concentrating on a DIY project. Consumers also find this cannabis strain to be quite sociable, making it a good option for a night out.


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