15–20% THC <1% CBD

Afghani, a landrace cannabis strain hailing from—you guessed it—Afghanistan, is the grandmother to many modern-day marijuana strains. A classic indica, use Afghani when you’re looking to wind down at the end of the day.

Hailing from the Hindu Kush mountain range along the Afghan-Pakistan border, Afghani is likely one of the oldest marijuana strains in existence. If you’ve ever used such popular strains as Northern Lights, Blueberry or LA Confidential, you can thank Afghani—it’s the parent to many staple strains of the cannabis world.

Afghani buds are characteristically indica: medium to large, dense and covered in trichomes, making this cannabis strain a good candidate for hash production. Consumers say that Afghani has an earthy, pine smell and a sweet, yet spicy flavor typical of indicas.

If you’re looking for something to help you unwind for the night, Afghani is an appropriate marijuana strain to turn to. With drowsy, couch-locking effects and an easygoing sense of euphoria, Afghani is at its best when you’re in an environment that’s familiar and comfortable—a place where your thoughts can flow freely while you take in the soothing, body-numbing effects this strain has to offer.

Medical marijuana patients with pain are likely to benefit from this cannabis strain’s intense physical sensations. Because Afghani is sedating, those with insomnia can also turn to this strain for relief. Afghani is also a powerful appetite stimulant, and its euphoric qualities can help those with depression and other mood disorders.

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