Agent Orange

15% THC > 1% CBD

Regrettably named after the deadly herbicide of the Vietnam War, Agent Orange is a sativa-dominant hybrid that may actually alleviate health issues, rather than cause them. Known for distinct citrus notes that mask virtually any cannabis smell, this marijuana strain brings on energy and strong feelings of euphoria.

Agent Orange was created with the intention of producing a cannabis strain with robust orange smell and taste. There are two varieties of Agent Orange: the first hybrid is Orange Skunk crossed with Jack’s Cleaner crossed with Space Queen; the second hybrid is Orange Velvet crossed with Jack the Ripper. The first variation was the original creation of TGA Subcool seeds, and the second variation was created by MzJill Genetics, a breeder that helped create the initial hybrid variation.

While the name Agent Orange may remind history buffs of Operation Ranch Hand -the herbicidal military attacked used during the Vietnam war, it’s intended to refer to the strain’s delicious aroma and flavor. This marijuana strain’s smell has a strong, sweet orange profile, and its taste is often reminiscent of a whiskey sour cocktail and spiced holiday oranges. The flowers are dense and verdant green; they can turn purple in certain growing conditions. To identify Agent Orange, look for neon-orange pistils.

A good strain for daytime activities, Agent Orange’s cerebral effects will leave you feeling uplifted and energized, providing physical relaxation without exhaustion. Some report that strong feelings of euphoria can cause trippyness or disconnect from reality, but these effects typically wear off 30–60 minutes after onset. Additionally, Agent Orange’s ability to relax the muscles makes it a greay way to medicate without any debilitation.

Agent Orange is commonly used by medical marijuana patients looking to alleviate psychological issues like depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD and stress. It’s also been known to aid infrequent, minor pain as well as migraines. The short-term effects can reduce sour moods and reduce stress, making Agent Orange ideal for daytime or nighttime use.

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