12–20% THC 1% CBD

With a pleasant nature that tends to foster inspiration, AK-47 has been a popular strain in the cannabis community for years. Consumers can initially expect a euphoric, energizing high followed by lulling, heavy-bodied effects.

Contrary to what its aggressive title implies, AK-47 is a pacifist. Its name is said to originate from its “one hit and quit it” tendencies. A well-known figment of the cannabis world since 1992, this sativa-dominant hybrid is an award-winning classic that produces a dreamy cerebral buzz followed by relaxing physical sensations. AK-47’s genetics span the globe—it’s thought to descend from a combination Mexican, Colombian, Thai and Afghani indigenous marijuana strains.

AK-47’s effects start out quickly with strong, euphoric mental stimulation that ignites creativity. Consumers report overflowing thoughts and a distortion of the world that takes on a surreal, otherworldly quality. After a while, this dreamy buzz blends with a mellow body melt that can cause drowsiness in some consumers. Based on this progression and the lengthy duration of the AK-47 high, this cannabis strain is ideal for consumption in the late afternoons.

Medical marijuana patients have found AK-47 to be an effective mood regulator, making it a good tool for controlling anxiety, depression and perhaps bipolar disorder. They have also noted that it can bring on a serious case of the munchies, so those looking for an appetite stimulator may want to try this cannabis strain. AK-47’s late onset indica qualities are also used by those with insomnia a few hours before bed.

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