Big Bud

15–25% THC <1% CBD

Known for its large, dense, trichome-laden flowers, Big Bud is a classic indica with knockout effects. Use this cannabis strain to find relief from pain, insomnia and depression.

Originally created in the U.S., Big Bud was smuggled to Europe in the 1980s amid the War on Drugs, where it was further developed and stabilized by Dutch company Sensi Seeds. This marijuana strain then went on to win the second-ever High Times Cannabis Cup in 1989.

Big Bud gets it name from the large, dense, spade-shaped flowers it produces. This cannabis strain tends to have an earthy, skunky aroma with hints of pine. Containing Afghani, Skunk #1 and Northern Lights genetics, Big Bud has gone on to parent some of the modern cannabis world’s more prominent strains, like Granddaddy Purple).

Big Bud combines entrancing euphoric properties with a strong body-melting buzz, making it better suited for nighttime use. Big Bud’s effects are known to take a couple of minutes to fully take hold, so its advised that cannabis consumers wait a bit after their initial hit. This cannabis strain can be quite strong, so newbies should proceed with caution. Even more experienced marijuana consumers typically need only a hit or two of Big Bud to be satisfied.

Big Bud’s classic, indica high is ideal for medical marijuana patients looking to relieve mild to severe pain. This cannabis strain’s sedating effects are also a good fit for those who suffer from insomnia, and its ability to uplift mood can be helpful for those with depression or anxiety.

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