Blue Dream

15-25% THC 2% CBD

This ideal hybrid marijuana strain produces a pleasant combination of sativa and indica effects. Consumers can expect a long-lasting, balanced high from this popular strain, which is a number one seller in Colorado and Oregon.

Combining the relaxing effects of Blueberry and the mentally stimulating properties of Haze, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect hybrid than Blue Dream. This widely available, well-rounded strain hails from the redwoods of California and is a go-to for experienced cannabis consumers and newbies alike.

Blueberry has imparted its progeny with a fruity smell and a sweet berry flavor, while Haze has given this marijuana strain an underlying herbal, pungent aroma. You can expect the flowers of this strain to be particularly hairy and sticky—a nod to the presence of many terpenes and a fairly high THC content that can range from 15%–25%.

Blue Dream is often described as a crowd-pleaser, and it’s easy to see why—it’s a suitable strain for a variety of daytime activities, from socializing with friends to relaxing at home with the dog. Consumers have reported feelings of calm euphoria coupled with a pleasant body high. While even-keeled, this cannabis strain sometimes has the tendency to err towards one of its parents, making some varieties’ effects more indica or sativa prevalent. However, plants with sativa-leaning characteristics tend to be more common.

Blue Dream has numerous reported benefits for many types of pain including those that stem from fibromyalgia, arthritis and menstrual issues. Its positive effect on mood can also help those suffering from depression and anxiety.

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