Bruce Banner

24–29% THC 1% CBD

Often touted as one of the rarest and strongest cannabis strains, Bruce Banner is an even-keeled, sativa-dominant hybrid that produces intense euphoric effects coupled with a relaxing body buzz.

Aptly named after the Incredible Hulk’s human form, Bruce Banner boasts bright green buds and a THC content that can knock out more inexperienced users. A cross between OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, this sativa-dominant hybrid is known as one of the rarest marijuana strains on earth—although its rising popularity in recent years has made it a bit easier to find in Colorado. If you do manage to stumble upon this hard-to-find behemoth, you’d best act quickly—Bruce Banner is known to sell out and carry a hefty price tag.

This marijuana strain originally had five different varieties (referred to as phenotypes) numbered one through five; varieties #2 and #4 have disappeared but #1, #3 and #5 still persist. With a THC content that has tested as high as 30%, Bruce Banner #3 currently reigns supreme.

Bruce Banner is potent, yet well balanced. Effects hit quickly after smoking with an intense euphoric rush that then settles into a pleasant physical sensation. Bruce Banner is a great cannabis strain for promoting creativity and boosting energy. Those with less tolerance to THC should moderate their dosing; possible negative effects include dry mouth, red eyes and paranoia.

Medical marijuana patients with depression may find relief with this strain’s uplifting nature. Those with ADD/ADHD, pain and chronic stress may also benefit.

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