Bubba Kush

14–22% THC <1% CBD

A classic indica, Bubba Kush is deeply sedating—take this cannabis strain when you want to kick back after a long day. Medical marijuana patients looking to stimulate appetite can turn to this strain for help.

Emerging on the cannabis scene in the mid 1990s, Bubba Kush descends from OG Kush and an unknown indica plant. Because of its dense, stocky bud structure, dark green leaves and occasional purple hues, some cannabis connoisseurs speculate that this strain may carry some genetics from indigenous Afghani marijuana strains.

Bubba Kush likely inherited its earthy aroma from its parents, but its taste is more unique.
When first hitting the tongue, consumers note a hashy taste that then evolves into nutty sweetness that evokes coffee and chocolate flavors.

A typical, heavy-hitting indica, Bubba kush produces deep sedative effects ideal for rest and relaxation. Expect a dreamy euphoric state coupled with a full-body melt and heavy eyelids. Bubba Kush definitely incites typical marijuana activities such as being completely sedentary and demolishing the pantry. A nighttime or lazy day strain, Bubba Kush is ideal for rest and relaxation.

This marijuana strain promotes deep body relaxation, making it a great option for those who suffer from muscle spasms and many types of pain. It’s ability to promote a voracious appetite and ease nausea make it useful for patients undergoing chemotherapy and those with conditions like HIV/AIDS that tend to curb appetite.

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