24–29% THC > 1% CBD

Candyland is an award-winning marijuana strain from California. Much like the beloved children’s board game, this cannabis strain is known for its playful nature.

While Oregon has banned the use of Candyland’s name to avoid appealing to children, this marijuana strain is still popular in Colorado and Michigan as well as its home state of California. Originally cultivated by notable breeder Ken Estes, Candyland is crossed with Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. This cross produces a sativa-dominant hybrid with THC content testing as high as 29%.

Green with golden hairs throughout, Candyland’s nugs are dense and covered in sugar-like trichomes. Once broken down, the flower shows hues of purple and its sweet and earthy fragrance becomes more pungent. Reeking of berries and pine, Candyland’s pleasant aroma is similar to its flavor, which lingers upon exhale.

Known as an excellent social strain, Candyland provides uplifting, energizing and happy effects. A perfect daytime option, this mood-boosting cannabis strain offers a nice balance of relaxation and stimulation. Only a few puffs are needed to give you a euphoric, cerebral buzz, so newbies should consume with caution.

Medical marijuana patients suffering from stress, depression and chronic pain should consider Candyland to ease muscles and moods. Candyland’s sativa traits promote mental focus, so it’s also a good option for patients with ADD or ADHD.

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