Dirty Girl

21–24% THC > 1% CBD

Dirty Girl is a cannabis strain that exudes tropical aromas that then transition into strong citrus flavors. Offering a smooth cerebral buzz, Dirty Girl is a great option to boost energy and improve moods.

Cultivated by Kingdom Organic Seeds, Dirty Girl is grown in the Okanogan Valley of British Columbia. Crossed with Cinderella 99 and Arcata Lemon Wreck, cannabis newbies should only need a little amount, as it can test as high as 24% THC.

Dirty Girl’s flowers are a mixture of green and yellow colors, with golden hairs and THC-laden trichomes. Its smell is pungent and has been compared to the cleaning product Pine Sol. This cannabis strain has a complex and fruity flavor profile with strong notes of pineapples, berries and lemons.

Dirty Girl is best consumed in the daytime. Cannabis consumers can expect to feel focused, uplifted and motivated enough to tackle to-do lists. The mental stimulation from this marijuana strain can make one feel more talkative, making it good for social occasions.

Dirty Girl’s cerebral effects could benefit medical marijuana patients needing relief from anxiety, stress and depression. It’s also useful for patients suffering from migraines and fatigue, as Dirty Girl is a great pick-me-up. Because Dirty Girl provides only a slight body high, this cannabis strain is best used for mild cases of pain.

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