Green Crack

13–20% THC

If you’re looking for an instant energy boost, you may find Green Crack effective. This cannabis strain is said to impart a mental clarity appropriate for tackling myriad tasks. Its invigorating properties can help patients with depression and those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

Green Crack has powerful uplifting effects that can help users accomplish myriad daytime tasks. The story goes that rapper and long-time reefer enthusiast Snoop Dogg gave this strain its name. Whether he was referring to its energizing properties or highly appealing nature will likely remain unclear—lending credence to this marijuana strain’s infamous reputation.

It’s universally agreed among cannabis aficionados that Green Crack descends from Skunk #1. Sources differ on whether it was crossed with another Skunk #1 plant or an unidentified indica variety. Regardless of its heritage, this strain’s effects are pure sativa—Green Crack is a popular choice for those seeking an energy boost during the day. It provides a clear, invigorating high that’s suitable for mundane tasks like cleaning the house or even more complicated ones like concentrating on a DIY project. Consumers also find this cannabis strain to be quite sociable, making it a good option for a night out.

Some believe that this strain’s mysterious indica background lends a sense of euphoria and calm to the stimulating high, giving it some balance and offering therapeutic benefits, especially for those with depression. Others with chronic fatigue or ADD/ADHD may also benefit from Green Crack’s ability to spur motivation and encourage focus.

A little goes a long way with this marijuana strain, and consumers report that effects come on quickly after smoking. The advice is to start out slow as Green Crack’s energizing effects can be over the top, much like when you’ve consumed one too many cups of coffee.

By and large, Green Crack is known for its intense sativa nature. However, there’s talk of an indica-dominant lineage of this cannabis strain that should produce more physical sensations. It’s said you identify this lineage because of its shorter plant height and even more compact bud structure than its sativa counterpart.

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