Jah Goo

14–18% THC <1% CBD

Jah Goo is a classic Indica strain, combining Goo and Purple Jasmine. It boosts mood and relaxes the body, helping you recover from exercise or unwind after a hard day.

It’s believed to have been brought to North America by vets returning from the Vietnam War. Jah Goo boasts a sedating high that’s characteristic of Indicas. It has a musky smell with earth, pine, and berry notes. Popular in California, the strain usually is dark, green, and bursting with trichomes, so it lends itself to producing concentrates.

While Jah Goo offers mild mental stimulation, its strongest effects are physical, with complete body relaxation and sedation that can lead to sleep.

The strain’s body-numbing qualities appeal to medical cannabis users who want to alleviate pain. Its mood-boosting traits can also help with depression, stress, and anxiety. Appetite stimulation is another benefit.



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