13–18% THC <1% CBD

Jillybean is a tropical, citrusy marijuana strain known for its chill vibes and uplifting qualities. If you need a mood boost or a companion on your next social excursion, give Jillybean a try.

A cross between Space Queen and Orange Velvet, Jillybean is a hybrid marijuana strain that errs towards uplifting sativa effects. Initially bred by TGA Genetics, Jillybean was a collaboration between two women, MzJill and ToB—a rarity in the male-dominated world of cannabis breeders.

Jillybean flowers have a sharp, sweet and citrusy smell with hints of mango and pineapple. If grown and cured correctly, you can expect buds that have an almost glossy sheen due to large numbers of trichomes and a lovely purple hue.

With a moderate THC content that usually clocks in at the mid-teens, Jillybean may be a good choice for beginners. This marijuana strain tends to be uplifting, yet mellow—a nice option for consumers who are often susceptible to the raciness of pure sativas.

Jillybean can be consumed any time of day, especially when you need a bit of an energy or mental boost. This marijuana strain is well-suited for outdoor activities, creative pursuits and social occasions.

Because Jillybean has such a positive effect on mood, it’s ideal for medical marijuana patients looking to alleviate depression, anxiety and stress. Additionally, women who need help balancing mood during PMS or menopause may find this marijuana strain useful. Jillybean also imparts some physical effects, so if you have mild to moderate pain and need some daytime medicine, Jillybean is a good option.

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