19–27% THC 1% CBD

A cross between many cannabis strains, Lavender is a hit among both recreational and medical marijuana consumers. Those looking to wind down after a long day and relieve stress, pain and insomnia should give this fragrant strain a try.

Bred by Amsterdam-based Soma Seeds, Lavender is descended from Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Hawaiian and Afghani cannabis strains. With a THC content that hovers in the 20th percentile, Lavender is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s enjoyed by both recreational and medical marijuana consumers alike.

As you may have guessed, Lavender was named for its characteristic lavender-like smell, though these days, buds with a floral, earthy aroma and spicy flavor are also common. The leaves of this cannabis strain tend to have a purple coloration at its tips—a fitting physical trait, for an already aptly named cannabis strain.

Lavender’s heavy indica effects can be felt in both body and mind. This strain can provide a calm sense of well-being and a powerful body melt—an ideal way to end a long work day. This marijuana strain tends to put consumers to sleep; folks with more experience may find Lavender to be a nice addition to a laid-back day with friends.

Lavender’s physical and cerebral qualities have made it quite useful for medical marijuana consumers, who use this strain for PTSD, stress, insomnia and pain. Lavender can also give consumers a case of the munchies, so those who need an appetite boost may find this strain useful.

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