Maui Wowie

20–28% THC <1% CBD

Since the 1960s, Maui Wowie has had a reputation for being an upbeat, mood-boosting sativa that’s ideal for active endeavors and creative pursuits.

Maui Wowie (sometimes spelled Maui Waui) is one of the more recognizable cannabis strain names, even to those unfamiliar with the plant. Originally from the island of Maui, this strain has been around since the 1960s—hence its popularity across multiple generations of cannabis consumers.

One of the first marijuana strains to boast a high-THC content, Maui Wowie flower can clock in at around 20% THC. Its buds are also known for their frosty appearance, which ups its shelf appeal. Fitting for its island roots, Maui Wowie has a tropical aroma and flavor that bring to mind hints of pineapple with other fruity accents.

If you’re looking for a companion on an active day, Maui Wowie may be the right fit. Use this cannabis strain to energize your morning routine or boost your mood on a gloomy day. This strain’s relaxed, uplifting nature means that you can use it any time you need a quick pick-me-up—day or night.

Medical marijuana patients consume Maui Wowie to relieve stress, nausea and fatigue. Its uplifting properties may also help those with mood disorders, like social anxiety. Maui Wowie even has some physical effects, making it a good candidate for those with mild pain or inflammation.

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