18–28% THC

A cross between Haze and Afghani, you can expect SAGE to impart a dreamy, cerebral experience. This even-keeled hybrid is a good fit for medical marijuana patients looking to alleviate pain, stress and depression.

A mix of two seemingly opposing marijuana strains: Haze and Afghani, SAGE—which is short for Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium—is a well-balanced hybrid with an interesting high, especially for those who are familiar with its heritage.

SAGE doesn’t tend to smell like its garden herb counterpart. Instead, this marijuana strain has an earthy, woody and peppery aroma with flavors of citrus and sandalwood. SAGE buds are decently fluffy, with a fine coating of trichomes—a nod to this cannabis strain’s high-THC content that often ranges from 18–28%.

Haze, a blend of sativa landraces from around the globe, has a reputation for an energetic, heady buzz, while Afghani is known for its sedative nature. SAGE’s genetics, which combines the two, means that this marijuana strain often provides a euphoric, relaxing experience that’s said to foster creativity. Depending on your experience, you may be able to use SAGE any time of day.

Medical marijuana patients use SAGE for well-rounded effects that are good for pain, nausea, stress and depression. Because SAGE can provide relief without being too sedating, this strain may be a useful tool for patients to medicate with during the day.

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