Sensi Star

20–26% THC

Most common in Canada and the Pacific Northwest, Sensi Star is euphoric and body-melting. Use this marijuana strain when you’re looking for pain relief or want to get a good night’s sleep.

Bred by Paradise Seeds in Amsterdam, Sensi Star is a multiple award winner and known as one of the most potent marijuana strains available today. The creators have kept Sensi Star’s parentage under wraps, though it’s known to descend from Afghani and contain some sativa genetics as well.

Sensi Star has a sweet, pungent and earthy aroma that’s similar to its taste. This marijuana strain usually has small- to medium-sized buds that are very dense and covered in trichomes; with a THC percentage that’s usually in the 20s, this latter feature isn’t surprising. A “one hit and quit” strain, Sensi Star is also a good option for cannabis consumers with a high tolerance.

Sensi Star is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a powerful body high and subtle mental effects. Thoughtful and introspective, Sensi Star will relax your muscles and your mind: Don’t be surprised if you find your attention wandering and your body firmly planted on the couch. For this reason, Sensi Star is best reserved for the nighttime or gazing lazily at clouds in the sky.

Lauded for its ability to ease pain and tension, Sensi Star is a hit among medical marijuana consumers. Additionally, as the effects of Sensi Star begin to fade, sleepiness often takes hold, making this marijuana strain a good choice for those with insomnia.

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