Space Queen

15–23% THC

If you’re looking to explore new avenues of consciousness, give Space Queen a try. This trippy, giggly marijuana strain has a reputation for boosting mental energy and creativity.

Bred by Vic High of the B.C. (British Columbia) Growers Association, Space Queen is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its unique high, which fuses the characteristics of its parents: sedating Romulan and buzzy Cinderella 99.

Space Queen has a rich terpene profile, likely explaining its medley of scents, which cannabis consumers describe as cheesy, woody, spicy and citrusy with hints of sweetness. You can expect the flowers of this marijuana strain to be dense and chunky with fiery orange hairs.

In Space Queen, the physical effects of Romulan take a back seat to Cinderella 99’s sativa headiness. Often described as mind-bending, this marijuana strain elevates mood and creativity, and may even inspire fits of laughter. Balancing these cerebral effects is a low-key physical relaxation that might make Space Queen a good aphrodisiac.

More experienced cannabis consumers may be able to use Space Queen during the day. But for the rest of us, this strain is best reserved as an after-work or weekend treat. Space Queen’s playful nature also makes it a good candidate for social occasions. Pass it around, and watch the conversation flow.

Medical marijuana patients with mood disorders like PTSD or depression may find relief with Space Queen. This strain’s physical effects may help folks with mild to moderate pain, but those with severe chronic pain may want to look elsewhere. Other cannabis patients have noted that Space Queen can also help with nausea, ADD and ADHD.

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