Strawberry Cough

15–20% THC <1% CBD

With its strawberry aroma and easygoing high, Strawberry Cough enjoys wide appeal. Those looking for pain relief or a strong body buzz may want to opt for another cannabis strain—Strawberry Cough is all about cerebral highs that foster box-breaking creativity.

In spite of its popularity, Strawberry Cough is a bit of a mystery: Nobody knows exactly where this marijuana strain comes from or exactly what causes its trademark strawberry smell and flavor. Rumor has it that the plant was acquired by Kyle Kushman, former editor of High Times, from someone who picked up a clone growing near a strawberry field. Kushman crossed this clone with Haze and distributed the offspring to cannabis growers all over the West coast. Today, Strawberry Cough is a popular cannabis strain sought out by those looking for a mellow, relaxing high that lets them get things done.

Strawberry Cough is aptly named—not only for its obvious flavor profile but also for the cough and tingly sensation it produces when smoked by even the most experienced cannabis consumers. However, consumers say that the inevitable hacking is well worth it: You can expect a calm and focused disposition that will help you tackle deadlines and other stressful situations. This marijuana strain is also useful for those pursuing creative endeavors that benefit from unconventional ways of thinking.

Medical marijuana patients use this sativa-leaning hybrid in the daytime to help with conditions like anxiety, ADD and mood disorders. There isn’t a significant body high associated with this strain so folks seeking strong pain relief may want to look elsewhere.

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