High CBD

Valentine X

25% CBD 1% THC

Bred by Synergy Wellness in California, Valentine X is an offshoot of ACDC and boasts a 25:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Use this cannabis strain to relieve pain from inflammation and reduce muscle spasms—if you can find it.

Valentine X is a high-CBD cannabis strain named after St. Valentine, who in addition to being the patron saint of love and marriage, also happens to preside over those with epilepsy. With a CBD to THC ratio of 25:1, Valentine X was bred with medical purposes in mind.

Originating from Synergy Wellness, a dispensary in California that specializes in high-CBD cannabis strains and products, Valentine X was created by selectively breeding an already high-CBD marijuana strain, ACDC. The result was Valentine X, which boasts a CBD content that’s typically in the mid 20th percentile, and THC levels that are often around 1%.

Valentine X’s flowers have a purple-blue hue and give off an earthy aroma and flavor. Bred for the medical marijuana community, Valentine X has little to no psychoactivity. When smoked, consumers can expect immediate relaxation as well as mild euphoria, and perhaps a boost in creativity and sociability.

Valentine X’s high-CBD ratio was meant to help those with epilepsy, but this marijuana strain also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, can help fight off nausea and ease anxiety. For these reasons, it’s also popular among folks with cancer, nerve pain, arthritis and many other conditions.

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