Any problems going through customs while using this patch while flying out of Canada to Mexico?

We can’t provide you with legal advice, but it seems extremely unlikely that you would have issues with that. This patch is CBD heavy, and …


How can I get a medical marijuana card in New Mexico?

Hi there! Unfortunately, HelloMD is currently only available to patients physically-located in California or New York at the time of their consultation. However, New Mexico …


Can you get your medical marijuana card online in New Mexico?

The State of New Mexico requires that, in order for a marijuana doctor to conduct a medical marijuana evaluation, the physician must first conduct a …


do u guys have a website based in new mexico

Our medical recommendation services are limited to individuals located in California and New York. Products from our Hemp CBD store, however, can be delivered by …


is my recommendation valid in mexico?

It is not. A cannabis recommendation by HelloMD is only valid in California. I do not know if you can obtain cannabis legally in Mexico. …


I am leaving for San Carlos, Mexico this week. Will it be safe for me to take edibles?

It is not legal to transport any cannabis product across state lines and transporting cannabis products to a different country, I would not deem as …

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