is med marijuana available in virginia? and where?

Hi there! Unfortunately, medical marijuana is not yet available in the state of Virginia. However, medical marijuana may become available in Virginia in 2019! We …


is med marijuana available in virginia and where?

In 2015 there was passage of HB 1445, an extremely narrow law that provides some relief to a very small percentage of the Commonwealth’s patients …


Can I get medical marijuana card in Virginia ?

"If so, what are the qualifying conditions, and what type of cannabis can I access? " Unfortunately, the passage of the law HB1445 within your …


Seeking diabetic neuropathy pain relief but live in Virginia. Any access to safe cannabis tea medications?

"Seeking relief from diabetic neuropathy pain." If my research is accurate then it appears that the latest law to pass within your state only allows …


Fibro patient in Virginia. How can you help or guide me?

I am assuming you are talking about Fibromyalgia. If so, then I would recommend using cannabis in a CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 which is good …

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