3 Infused Frozen Treats That Promise to Bring the Chill

From trendy artisanal flavors to grownup twists on summer classics, find cannabis-infused ice creams and freezies for a cool summer.

Whether you’re looking for long-lasting effects, a smoke-free experience or just want to nosh on something delicious, legal edibles are a game changer. Although the word ‘edibles’ is often associated with gummies, the range of available products is as broad as culinary imaginations and state laws allow, and can include sweet and savory snacks, drinks, BBQ sauces, and all sorts of infused frozen treats.

Unfortunately, not all states are cool with refrigerated or frozen cannabis goods — Washington, Michigan, Florida and Nevada are just a few that restrict refrigeration.

If you live in one of those places and want to try an infused ice cream, freezie or paleta, there are still options: Top your favorite ice cream with chunks of cannabis-infused chocolate, or mix cannabis oil with juice or fruit-blended yogurt and freeze in a popsicle mold for a custom-dosed popsicle.

If you’re lucky enough to live in a state that allows the storage, distribution and sale of frozen cannabis edibles, here are some of the coolest of the cool:

1. Cloud Creamery, Orange Whip Ice Cream

For the creamsicle-obsessed child still living inside the cannabis-loving adult comes Cloud Creamery’s Orange Whip, a grownup blend of fresh-squeezed orange juice, orange zest, Tanzanian vanilla bean and full-spectrum live resin. Founded by Crohn’s patient David Yusefzadeh, Cloud Creamery’s infused frozen treats feature all-natural ingredients you can feel good about. Other childhood faves from the company include mint chip and strawberry shortcake, while adventurous palates will appreciate sophisticated options like mango yuzu sorbet, camomile lemonade and java chip.

Find it here. 5mg THC per 8oz serving. Available in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine. $10.

2. Nano Pops, Blue Raspberry Freezies 

There’s nothing like a blue-stained tongue to prove just how much you’re enjoying summer. Dubbed “the original potsicle,” just looking at these ice-blue babies is enough to cool you down on a hot day. Infused with 10mg of nano-emulsified THC oil and sweetened with natural cane sugar, Nano Pops’ potsicles are also available in lemonade, strawberry and cherry flavors, and come in 10-packs to keep the chill times flowing.

Find it here. 10mg THC per serving. Available in California. $42 for 10.

3. Stargazer, Black Mesa Brown Sugar Chunk Ice Cream

The name is a mouthful for sure, but so is the amount of THC packed into every spoonful: 15.625mg per tablespoon, to be exact. Rippled with caramel and studded with walnuts and brownie chunks, this heavy-hitting infused ice cream is best left to those with edibles experience and a strong tolerance. Looking for a little less lift? Stargazer’s chocolate and vanilla flavours clock in at just over 3mg THC per tablespoon. Holiday tip: Look out for the Oklahoma-based company’s limited edition, seasonal specials, including flavors such as eggnog and peppermint bark.

Find it here. 500mg THC per pint. Available in Oklahoma. $15.


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