4 Top Cannabis Brands Tell You Their 420 Story

For this year’s 420 we talked to four of the top brands in the cannabis industry to find out what they think about 420, their favorite past 420 and what they plan to do this year.

Christie Strong from Kiva Confections, Alicia Rose from HerbaBuena, Chris Husong of ClubM and Carla of GanjaRunner tell us their thoughts on the most celebrated holiday in marijuana.

What was your best 420 experience?

Alicia/HerbaBuena: We launched HerbaBuena two years ago on the weekend of 420 – it was purely coincidence that our launch event fell on the weekend that most people associate with cannabis. This was my best 420!


Carla/GanjaRunner: Our best 420 experiences is hearing from patients who have completely rid themselves of taking opioids and a variety of other prescription medication and now enjoy cannabis as a healthier, happier alternative.

Christie Strong, Kiva’s Marketing Communications Manager

Christie/Kiva Confections: On my first 420 at Kiva I was simply blown away by the patients I met and their incredible stories with this medicine. I felt so unbelievably lucky to be a part of an industry that has such a positive impact on so many people’s lives. And I still do.

My Best 420 Last 420 I visited three different cannabis events in Los Angeles- including a yoga session, a live concert, and an intimate party. It was very inspiring to see such a diverse array of patients united around this wonderful plant.

Chris, Founder of ClubM

Chris/Club M: I grew up in the "just say no," era so when I finally celebrated in 2016 it was a real experience. I suppose like most first timers, I was both excited and nervous. My experience included friends and exploration. We started the evening with cannabis teas and chocolates. At this point, we’re feeling that sense of peace you have with good friends, we sang together and then moved on to a volcano then danced some. Together we set an intention for the night and while learning about sacred geometry we then shared a vape pen.

When I woke up the next morning, I went home with a sense of gratitude that I’d truly been part of a perfect moment. For the first time, I truly understood why artists, musicians and creatives feel like marijuana is such an integral part of their lives. I was invigorated and inspired all the next day.

What do you think 420 means to you and the community today?

Christie/Kiva Confections: Cannabis is a medicine that has been used by our ancestors across the planet for thousands of years. It is only in recent decades that it became stigmatized, demonized and prohibited. 420 is a celebration of the culture that nurtured it back into acceptance. It is a holiday that reminds everyone touched by this plant to be vocal about their use and celebrate its re-emergence into popular acceptance.

Chris/Club M: 420 today is about community and exploration. It’s really an opportunity for people to learn more about cannabis and how it might integrate into their lives. I think today’s 420 is less about the “stoner culture” and more about awareness of cannabis for everyday people. Using cannabis today is much like having a beer after work, it doesn’t have to be the definition of who you are to be part of your life. The good news for people new to marijuana is today there are so many ways to take marijuana and know what your taking and I feel like that’s really important for people new to cannabis. 420 is a chance to try something new perhaps with friends, something you’ve been curious about with people you genuinely enjoy. Today cannabis is about creating perfect moments, it’s an adventure worth exploring and to me, that’s what 420 is about now.

Carla/Ganja Runner: 420 is a celebration for all involved directly or indirectly supporting the cannabis movement and standing up against Big Pharma and much of our government.

Alicia, Founder of HerbaBuena

Alicia/HerbaBuena: 420 is more marketing than substance in our world. We prefer to promote health and organic, regenerative and intentional farming, and production, in celebration of Earth Day, which falls on the same weekend.

What events or specials are you promoting for your brand on 420?

Carla/GanjaRunner: This is a good one. FREE WEED for the rest of the YEAR GIVEAWAY! Special offers We are raffling off 1st, 2nd & 3rd place along with giving our free prizes and gifts. Check us out at GanjaRunner!

Christie/Kiva Confections: Kiva is hosting 55 patient education and sampling events at Collectives across California during the week of 420. We believe that educating users is the top priority in our industry and love taking this opportunity to get out in the community and celebrate with our Collectives, bud tenders, and our fans.

Alicia/HerbaBuena: We’ll be offering samples and information at the Sweetwater Music Hall’s 4/20 celebration in Mill Valley, California. And we’ll be hosting our own Earth Day Social Club gathering at Wu Wei Tea Temple in Fairfax on 4/22 from 4-7pm. Special offers: We’re offering $25 eighths on our certified biodynamic Girl Scout Cookie flowers or free delivery of orders over $100. Please go here and enter promo code 420MD.


Chris/ClubM: First, we’re launching gift cards so you can give the gift of any of the 100+ items, including edibles, flower and accessories on Second, we’re offering a buy 3-get-1-free for the MBox. The MBox is the ultimate in cannabis exploration of California’s finest brands and it’s designed to be shared-to create perfect moments. Third for every new purchase in our store we are sending you 2 pre rolls one for you an one to share with a close person in your life. We believe cannabis is best when shared. Please feel free to share your pictures with us #perfectmoments.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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