5 Cannabis Products to Change Up Your Daily Routine

With cannabis becoming more mainstream and products flooding the market, we've rounded up a handful of items you can try to change up your routine.

It’s difficult to keep track of all the vape cartridges and gummies hitting the dispensary shelves. And after you’ve found the cannabis topical that works well for you, or that chocolate edible that hits the spot, it might be hard to convince yourself to try something new.

But trust us when we say that sticking to your old faithfuls may mean you’re missing out. With cannabis legalization slowly spreading throughout the U.S. and other countries, companies are beginning to branch out and make unique products to reach new cannabis consumers. There are now beverages like teas and sodas, new concentrate applicators, a wide array of edibles and more.

Cannabis products are also no longer limited to just tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) and delta-8 THC that were once hard to get a hold of in consumable form are now beginning to show up in common products.

To help you sort through all of the options, we’ve gathered a few unique options to help you explore something new and change up your standard cannabis routine. Or, if you’re a beginner, to help you take the plunge.

1. Vape Pens

Vape pens have come a long way since the early days, and there are many more models to choose from these days. Modern vape pens allow the consumer to control the temperature for ideal flavor and potency. Some even feature an app with extra controls.

While vaping is considered less harmful than smoking, most cannabis oil in vape cartridges contains thinning agents to help the oil reach the right consistency for vaping. These thinning agents like propylene glycol are safe to consume at lower temperatures, but at higher ones they can turn into carcinogenic chemicals like formaldehyde. That’s why it’s important to have vape pens that let you control temperature and keep things from getting too hot.

Try this: PAX Era Life vape pen, $35

2. Cannabis Teas

Taking cannabis in tea form seems like a no brainer—we take plenty of other herbal remedies, like echinacea or chamomile, this way. However, cannabis tea does take some work to prepare from scratch: You need to decarboxylate the cannabis and add a fat like milk or coconut oil to allow the THC to bind.

With new proprietary methods of extracting cannabinoids, there are now a variety of cannabis beverages you can try, from tea and lemonade, to wine, soda or even weed beer. No multi-step process required.

Try this: Kikoko Positivi-Tea, $40 for 10 teabags

3. Cannabis Gummies

Gummies are a favorite of many because they are so user-friendly and usually pretty tasty. These cannabis products have been on the market for a while now, but there are new varieties being released all the time. These days, you can find gummies with a variety of cannabinoids, like CBG or CBN, as well as different ratios of CBD to THC. There are also fast-acting gummies that use nanotechnology to reduce the time it takes to feel the effects.

Try this: Wyld Pear CBG gummies, $40 for 20 gummies

4. Tablinguals

Many cannabis consumers want to experience the effects of an edible without having to drink or eat anything. This is where tablinguals are very useful and effective. Small tablets that dissolve under the tongue act quickly.

For those who want to branch out from THC and CBD, tablinguals are often available in a wide array of cannabinoids like CBG, THCA and delta-8 THC. Like THC and CBD, these cannabinoids are said to have therapeutic potential. Though more studies are needed, research suggests that these cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving properties.

Try this: Level Calm tablinguals, $22

5. Concentrates Applicators

Concentrates can be intimidating and messy, but many consumers still want to try them for their potent effects. Many companies are solving this problem by offering the concentrates in easy-to-use applicator pens. The tubes come pre-filled with concentrated cannabis oil and, with an easy twist, the applicator applies precise doses in half-gram increments.

You can use the oil in the applicator to streamline your dabbing process, or you can also get creative: Add a drop to a hot beverage, treat the applicator like a cannabis oil pen to add designs and potency to a preroll or even put a dollop on a cracker—the options are endless.

Try this: Jetty Extracts Dablicator, $36


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