6 Cannabis Strains for Watching the Democratic Debates

The race to become the Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 election is well underway. This election cycle, cannabis is a big topic, with candidates tripping over each other to offer the most progressive cannabis platform.

The good news is that just about every Democratic candidate supports relaxing cannabis laws to some extent—and quite a few want marijuana completely legalized on the federal level.


The less good news is that listening to 19 candidates (as of this writing) hash out the nuances of their positions can get tedious. Especially since the race to go up against President Trump feels like it began almost right after the last election ended. Luckily, turning to cannabis may help you get through it a little easier.


With the next Democratic debates just around the corner, here are our picks for the best cannabis strains to consume during the debates (and right through until Election Day 2020).

1. For a 2020 Blue Wave, Blue Dream May Be Your Strain

Every candidate on stage at the Democratic debates will be dreaming of a blue wave next election, which makes Blue Dream a particularly fitting cannabis strain.

A great choice for newbies and experienced cannabis consumers alike, Blue Dream is an ideal choice if the people in your debate viewing group have varying cannabis tolerance levels. Both relaxing and mentally stimulating at the same time, there’s something about Blue Dream that everyone can love—perfect for bringing the country together in these divisive times. We suspect even Kamala Harris and Joe Biden could get along a bit better if they just had a bit of this hybrid strain rich in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on hand.


2. Try Cinex When Pondering the Night’s Big Policies

One of the great things about having such a big field of candidates during this election cycle is that there’s no shortage of bold policy ideas. This is why when listening to Elizabeth Warren highlight the benefits of Medicare for All or Julián Castro talk about immigration reform, you’re going to need a cannabis strain that keeps you sharp; Cinex is a great choice.

This hybrid marijuana strain is cerebral and promotes focus. But it also promotes philosophical pondering, so you can stay alert while contemplating the big-picture implications of various policy proposals. Cinex even hits the right balance of being mellow and stimulating—exactly what you need for sitting through three hours of policy debates.

3. Relax After the Debates With Granddaddy Purple

At 76 and 78-years-old respectively, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are undoubtedly the granddaddies of the Democratic field. This makes them the perfect match for Granddaddy Purple, a cannabis strain that’s known as the granddaddy of other strains.

Since Granddaddy Purple tends to be highly sedative, it may not be the best choice if you’re trying to actually stay awake through the debates. However, it’s an excellent fit if your mind is racing at 2 a.m. trying to compare the merits of Biden’s healthcare plan to Bernie’s, and you just need to get a little sleep before work the next morning. In moderation, this strain can deliver a dreamy and cerebral high.


4. Mr. Nice Cannabis for the Nice Candidates

With 19 candidates, there’s a lot of competition to stand out during the primaries. As a result, the attacks can get pretty vicious at times. So, it’s nice to see a few candidates stay mostly positive.

While his odds of winning are low, we think Pete Buttigieg has a Mr. Nice Guy look written all over him. So far, the meanest thing he’s said about his opponents (aside from the one currently in the White House) is that Elizabeth Warren’s healthcare plan is “evasive.” Harsh words indeed.

To honor the Mr. Nice Guy of the campaign, what better strain than Mr. Nice with its soothing mental and physical effects and bodily relaxation.

5. Reserve Space Queen for Watching the Trippiest of Candidates

Marianne Williamson probably won’t be the Democratic nominee and she may not even qualify for the October debates, but if there’s any candidate who deserves their own cannabis strain, it’s her (although Andrew Yang and his free $1,000 for every American per month puts him a close second).

While Space Queen wasn’t actually named for the California author and activist, it suits her in more ways than one. A candidate who has vowed to fight the “dark psychic forces” of the current administration with love is best appreciated with a strain that’s known for unlocking new pathways of consciousness.

Space Queen is a mind-bending strain and great for when you want to debate among friends the best way to summon love and good vibes in order to heal the country’s woes.


6. Doug’s Varin: A Less Common Strain for the Less Common Candidates

This election seems to have almost as many people running to become the Democratic contender as there are actual cannabis strains. Candidates like Warren, Biden and Sanders are like the ACDC and Green Crack of the Democratic field: they’re the ones we all know about. But what about the other less-talked-about candidates, like Tom Steyer, Wayne Messam or Joe Sestak?

To honor the less well-known candidates in the field, why not choose a cannabis strain that’s just as unique and hard to find. Doug’s Varin, for example, is one you’ll have a hard time tracking down, especially if you live outside of the Bay Area. But it’s definitely unique if you can find it, with an almost unheard of 6 to 7 THC to tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) ratio. Doug’s Varin is also a great strain for mental stimulation, which is just what you need when trying to keep track of every candidate’s name and policy proposals.

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