DIY Recipe: Semi-Homemade, CBD-Infused Tacos

This is a recipe for all of you out there who need to get dinner on the table quickly, whether for a routine weekday evening or if friends are coming over for a meal. You don’t want to go the fast-food route but cooking from scratch isn’t happening. So, why not take advantage of some already prepared ingredients you can get at the supermarket?

With that in mind, I present to you my semi-homemade taco recipe. It’s easy, healthy-ish and is the perfect vehicle for adding cannabidiol (CBD). Because this dish includes guacamole, it’s easy to incorporate the hemp CBD oil of your choice. You don’t even have to infuse the whole dish. Serve the guacamole in individual ramekins so that you can mix in a personalized amount of CBD for each person.


We recommend stirring the CBD oil into the guacamole/avocado because you need to eat cannabinoids with fat in order to make them bioavailable. This ensures that your body can absorb more of the healing CBD than if you ate the CBD on its own.


For a fun party idea, set up a CBD bar with various CBD oils of different flavors, strengths and effects. Then, each of your guests can choose the infusion they want and mix it into their individual guacamole portion.

The Healthy Stars of This CBD-Infused Taco Recipe

Depending on what you put them, tacos can either be pretty healthy or filled with too much fat and calories. If you’re set on a healthy taco, consider making some swaps like low-fat cheese instead of regular cheese and choosing leaner cuts of meat.

This recipe’s healthy highlights are the lean chicken and also avocado, whose health benefits include:

  • Vitamins K, E and C
  • Good fats
  • Antioxidants
  • Folate, which can help combat depression

Instead of the traditional sour cream, this recipe calls for Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt has the same tang as sour cream, but with fewer calories and less fat. Greek yogurt’s pretty healthy, too, because it’s:

  • High in protein
  • Packed with probiotics
  • Low in carbohydrates

Then of course, there’s the CBD. Depending on which kind of CBD tincture you choose to include, these CBD-infused tacos can help you:

  • Relax
  • Sleep better
  • Relieve pain

In the ingredients list we include one dropper of CBD oil per person, but of course you can increase or reduce that amount as needed. Everyone’s different when it comes to how much CBD is the right amount for them, so play around with dosing until you hit your sweet spot.

Ingredients for Semi-Homemade CBD-Infused Tacos

Serves 4

  • 1 pre-cooked rotisserie chicken, shredded (You can buy a rotisserie chicken at pretty much any supermarket. If you’re a Costco member, you may already know that they sell huge rotisserie chickens for $5. They’re delicious and cost-effective.)
  • 2 avocados, smashed
  • 4 oz cheddar cheese, shredded (swap for low-fat cheese if you want)
  • 1 can beans of your choice
  • 8 tbsp Greek yogurt
  • 8 tbsp salsa
  • 8 tortillas of your choice
  • 4 droppers of your favorite CBD oil

How to Make Semi-Homemade CBD-Infused Tacos

  1. Pit both of the avocados and squeeze the avocado meat into a bowl. With a fork, mash the avocado until it’s the consistency you want (I like to leave some chunks in there for texture.). Season with salt, pepper and any other herbs you’d like, such as cilantro or red pepper flakes. Set aside.
  2. Shred your cheese with a grater. Place in a bowl and set aside.
  3. Shred your rotisserie chicken using whichever method is easiest for you. You can use two forks, your hands or some people even place chunks of chicken in their stand mixer and shred it quickly that way. Place on a large serving dish and set aside.
  4. To heat your beans, put them in a small saucepan over low-medium heat. Stir often to prevent sticking.
  5. To heat your tortillas, warm them in the microwave, oven or in a pan on the stove. To keep them piping hot, take the stack of hot tortillas and wrap them in a clean cloth. You can place this stack on your table so that people can reach for a tortilla when they need one. Keeping them wrapped together means they’ll stay warm until eaten.
  6. Here’s where you decide how you want to serve up your sauces. Either dish out individual ramekins of the Greek yogurt, avocado and salsa for each person. Or you can put all of the sauces in big bowls out on the table for people to serve themselves. If you’re serving individual portions, mix each person’s desired amount of CBD into their ramekin of guacamole. You can also just mix the CBD into the main bowl of guacamole for people to serve themselves from.
  7. Put everything on the table and let people assemble their tacos to their liking.

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