Beginners Guide to Growing Marijuana & New 'Leaf' System

The new and tech-savvy Leaf is the world’s first Plug N’ Plant cannabis
growing system
and it offers a complete system
that includes social media apps, remote controls and remote viewing of
your plants. The Leaf system is perfect for beginners that are looking
to grow their own medicinal marijuana and the technical aspects of the
Leaf system eliminate many of the worries and questions that first-time

about the growing process. There is an overwhelming amount of
information readily available about growing medicinal marijuana and
medicinal cannabis, but making sense of that information and applying
the information to your personal growing situation can be challenging.
You want the best type of plant for your personal condition and you want
to achieve the optimum growing conditions for your specific strain of

Marijuana and Cannabis as Healing Medicines

Across North America and around the world, attitudes and legislation
about marijuana and about cannabis as effective medicines are changing.
Justice departments and health professionals are in the process of
reviewing clinical studies and revising legislation to better serve the
health needs of North American people: in some jurisdictions, the
preparation of marijuana into medical cannabis is the legislative
concern, and in other areas, governments have made access to medical
marijuana legal and more accessible. Cannabis and medical marijuana are
already legal across Canada, but not always easily accessible – partly
due to a reluctance on the part of physicians and nurses to support
medical cannabis referrals. In the United States, control of marijuana
and medical cannabis is regulated by the state. Studies have proven that
when grown, prepared, and used appropriately medical cannabis is a very
effective medical therapy for relief from a wide variety of

including seizure disorders, panic disorders, PTSD, pain control and

Male Versus Female Plants

Marijuana plants are sexual plants, meaning there are male plants and
there are female plants. In their naturally growing state, they
reproduce sexually and produce seeds. Marijuana plants grown for
medicinal cannabis are either cloned or started from seeds. To clone a
plant means to take a cutting, or a slip from the original stem of a
healthy adult plant and rooting it to grow a second healthy adult plant.
When medical marijuana growers clone plants, they clone almost
exclusively females because female marijuana plants produce the
compounds used for human therapeutic use. By contrast, the male plant is
the pollen producer. The female plant produces the medicinal bud, and if
pollinated, the female marijuana plant produces the seed. Experienced
growers have proven that the gender of the plant produced by a marijuana
seed can be affected by controlling planting and growing conditions.
There are several methods to increase the probability that your
marijuana seeds will be ‘feminized’ and produce a higher percentage of
medical cannabis female plants:

  • Monitor and control soil nutrients to keep high nitrogen and low
    potassium levels

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  • Keep plants at a high relative humidity (60-70 percent)

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  • Expose plants to a high frequency light (blue or purple)

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  • Limit plant exposure to the sun to no more than 14 hours of light
    per day

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  • Keep plants at a lower temperature (62-65 degrees Fahrenheit)

Traditional Cannabis Growing Systems

Traditional cannabis growing systems for both indoor and outdoor growing
require some working knowledge of the following concepts: temperature
control, light control and soil nutrition. Other broad agricultural
concepts are also important including pest control, mildew control and
outdoor growing conditions including season, weather and planting zone
specifics. Monitoring and optimizing soil nutrition is a key component
of all marijuana growing systems. Healthy soil means healthy plants, and
healthy plants produce the cannabis for a healthier you. Growing
marijuana to produce medicinal cannabis really requires learning about
your own health condition and what strain or variety of marijuana is
going to provide the medical cannabis that is appropriate for providing
therapeutic relief for your specific condition. Honest dialogue with
your medical professional or knowledgeable local budtender is essential
to ensuring that you find the strain of marijuana that actually provides
optimal relief for your specific medical

Leaf Plug N’ Plant Growing System: Perfect For Beginners

If you are new to growing medical marijuana, the new Leaf Plug N’ Plant
cannabis growing system might be the perfect system to help you learn
very quickly all of the different components involved in growing
effective medical cannabis. If you are an experienced medical marijuana
grower, you will find the Leaf system difficult to resist trying out-
the range of technical applications and software components are just to
interesting to ignore. The compact size and aesthetically pleasing look
of the Leaf system makes it ideal for any location. It’s fits like a bar
fridge neatly into any room or office. The Leaf features a
made-for-cannabis LED grow light custom designed for Leaf by leading
NASA researchers and made specifically for growing medical cannabis. The
patent-pending Nutrient Dosing System automatically feeds your plants
with the precise blend of nutrients exactly when they need them. Leaf
optimizes its settings for best size, weight, density and potency. Leaf
continuously monitors the plant environment and automatically adjusts it
to optimize plant growth. The Leaf phone app provides you with an
astonishing real time plant growth monitoring system via your phone. The
Leaf app displays all of your environmental data in real time and you
can even watch your plants grow through the built-in HD camera. Leaf’s
phone app also provides you with social media links where you can
connect with other medical cannabis growers, compare data, and even
watch other peoples’ plants grow in real time.


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