Biodynamic Cannabis and Farming

Alicia Rose is the Founder of HerbaBuena a California based collective that provides a sophisticated, personalized approach as well as the finest cannabis-based medicine. HerbaBuena is well known for their social events which allows its members to gather and learn about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and the products that suit them best. We welcome Alicia as one of our newest guest bloggers. Alicia has become a pioneer in the area of biodynamic cannabis, the topic of her first article on HelloMD.

Why Biodynamic Cannabis?

When it comes to cultivating medicine and spirit plants, the intention and purity with which they’re grown is as important as the strain. Biodynamic farming offers a great alternative and a trusted certification process offering a much needed alternative to USDA Organic which, due to current federal regulation, is neither an option for cannabis farmers nor a choice point available to patients.

A holistic approach to farming, Biodynamics builds upon the concepts of organic (as defined by the USDA National Organic Program) and brings them to the next level. Since marijuana in California is defined as medicine, it is vital for consumers to have a trusted labeling source which ensures source and purity—free from the chemical fertilizers and pesticides often used in cannabis farming.

Biodynamics goes beyond organic by requiring practices that improve the health of the entire ecosystem including the soil, plants, animals and humans that it supports. It’s an amazing system that works on the principle of biodiversity to attain a healthy, balanced ecosystem, and when you’re growing something as potent and magical as cannabis, it all matters.

Setting a New Industry Standard

Since organic certification isn’t an option, offering cannabis certified by a trusted organization with a 30-year history is another way to ensure we’re providing the purest products and the finest medicine, and setting a new standard for our industry. Introducing Biodynamic medicine helps us make a positive impact on the health of our patients, our community and the industry as a whole. People ask if you can tell a difference between the sun grown Biodynamic medicine and others, and the answer is yes. We’ve noticed, along with many of our members, that there’s a full-spectrum experience that the Biodynamic flowers provide. The feeling is nuanced and expansive, balanced and grounded, all at the same time. The difference in how this medicine makes you feel—compared to that which is grown in warehouses under artificial light, fed petrochemicals, forced to bloom, and treated with pesticides—is profound and palpable.

If you are new to cannabis and want to learn more, take a look at our Cannabis 101 post. HelloMD can help you get your medical marijuana recommendation; it’s 100% online, private and efficient.


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