DIY Recipe: CBD Mango Spritzers

I love making cannabidiol (CBD) edibles, but sometimes I want something that’s easy to throw together in a snap. That’s when I decide to put aside the edibles and make a “drinkable” instead. CBD-infused drinks can come in a million different forms, but since they only require mixing a drink, they take just a few minutes to put together.

My favorite drinkable recipe is my CBD mango spritzers. These fresh, sparkling and tropical drinks are perfect for any celebration, but are also great for a quick self-care break whenever you need one. If your day is getting stressful, why not take a pause and enjoy a drink that’s designed to relax your body and mind?

The ingredients are simple:

  • CBD
  • Mango juice
  • Ice
  • Sparkling water
  • Lime

Though the recipe is simple, the result is pure magic. Sweet, light and full of bright flavors, this spritzer may transport your mind to an island paradise. But while simple and flavorful, these ingredients are also medicinally powerful.

The base of this recipe is the vitamin C-rich mango juice, which provides all of the sweetness you need, along with a wide range of nutrients, healthy digestive enzymes and antioxidants.

Of course, the mango juice is more than just a healthy sweetener. Mango also contains myrcene, a therapeutically active terpene that’s also found in cannabis.


Myrcene is known for its sedative and muscle-relaxing effects when taken alone, so it’s a great way to add some extra stress relief to your drink.

Myrcene is also noted as a terpene that works synergistically with CBD. This means that when the two are consumed together, they offer benefits that are different or greater than what you could experience with either one on its own.

When you take myrcene and CBD together, they can impart increased pain relief and a further reduction in inflammation. Some studies even suggest that they can help fight off cravings for addictive substances.

The limes in this recipe also offer health benefits, with a variety of immune-boosting ingredients like vitamin-C. Plus, limes also carry a synergistic terpene: limonene. Research suggests that this terpene can help fight anxiety when taken in combination with CBD, so it should add to the relaxing effects of the drink.


Delicious, easy, relaxing, healthy and no hangover the next day. What are you waiting for? Try the recipe yourself and give yourself a little TLC.

Ingredients for CBD Mango Spritzers

Serves 1

  • Ice cubes
  • 3 tbsp mango juice, chilled and well shaken
  • 1/2 cup chilled sparkling water
  • 1 fresh lime
  • 1 dose CBD tincture*

*Everyone is different when it comes to dosing, so use your best judgment on dosing based on your previous experiences with CBD. If you aren’t sure about dosing, start low. A good starting point is 5 mg.

How to Make CBD Mango Spritzers

  1. Put a few ice cubes in your drinking glass. (I like to use a champagne flute, but any glass will do.)
  2. Slice your lime in half, and then cut a thin slice of the lime. Cut a slit in the slice from the center out, so that it can sit on the rim of the glass.
  3. With the remaining lime, spritz a tiny bit of juice on the ice, to taste.
  4. Add the CBD tincture, followed by the mango juice. Then pour the sparkling water on top. Use a spoon or drink stirrer to mix together. Add lime slice to rim. Serve immediately.

If you’re multiplying this recipe, be sure to mix up a single serving in its individual glass, rather than making one big batch. Because the recipe uses sparkling water, it’s difficult to shake up a large batch and ensure it stays evenly mixed.

Instead, get all of the ingredients together and pour each drink individually. This also makes it easy to let folks decide on the dose of CBD they’d like in their own drink.

Want to try CBD, but don’t know where to start? Shop our selection of high-quality, lab-tested CBD products and have them shipped to your door. And if you have questions about CBD, ask them and our community will answer.

Photo by Briona Baker on Unsplash


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